Ashland County Court of Common Pleas
Juvenile and Probate Divisions

142 West Second Street, Ashland, Ohio 44805

Judge Karen DeSanto Kellogg

COVID Information for the Court

The previously declared emergency for COVID-19 has expired in the State of Ohio. The Court therefore does not have any current mask or health screening requirements. The Court may re- institute those requirements, if it deems that to be a best practice for the health and safety of all persons who come to the Court's facilities.

Electronic Filing of Pleadings

The Court does not currently permit the electronic filing of pleadings by any method. Pleadings sent to the Court by email or by facsimile will be considered “courtesy copies” and will not be considered or ruled upon by the Court until the original document is filed with the Court.

Zoom Video Conferencing

The Court specifies in its notices and orders whether a hearing will be conducted by Zoom video conference. If the notice or order DOES NOT contain Zoom video conference information, the hearing is IN PERSON and the parties and counsel are required to come to the Courthouse for the hearing.

Please remember that Zoom video conference hearings are official proceedings of the Court. This means that the Court expects participants to dress appropriately and make sure there is no background noise or lighting which will interfere with the hearing. Children are not permitted to participate in the hearings, unless specifically permitted by the Court.

Instructions about how to connect to a hearing that will be conducted by Zoom video conference and the procedure for submitting exhibits for a video conference hearing can be found at the link below.

Zoom Instructions